Yoga at Bright Antenna: It’s All About The Music

They say “the team who planks together, stays together.” Okay, I’m pretty sure that no one would actually EVER say that, but they should. Bright Antenna has been having a weekly in-house team yoga class for a year and a half now, and it really helps morale! Let’s just say there’s something about seeing your boss in happy baby pose that really makes the most stressful of days a little easier!

Our yoga teacher, Arwyn Moonrise (Bay Area folks, check out her classes!), says we are her favorite class. It may have something to do with how open we are about cursing her out for her relentless dolphin pushups, or my inability to hold tree pose without pirouetting in a complete circle. This is bound to brighten ANY teacher’s day. But perhaps the real reason Arwyn and each of us at Bright Antenna love our yoga class so much is because of the music.

Each week, either Tiffanie, Bright Antenna’s CESG, or I create an awesome yoga playlist to accompany the hour long class. And if we don’t say so ourselves, these playlists rule.

Those of us who work in the music industry are not motivated by wind pipes or ocean sounds, and Arwyn’s classes are HARD.  Give us Yacht Rock: Yacht Rock Yoga, Hair Bands: Hair Band Yoga, or an hour of ‘90s Grunge: Grunge Yoga!

We post all of these playlists on the Elephant Journal each week with a write-up explaining the inspiration. Heartbreak: Heartbreak Yoga Playlist, Superheroes: Superhero Yoga Playlist, Hipster Bands: If Heaven Had a Hipster Yoga Class Playlist. We never know what we’re going to get, but it’s always fun trying to figure out the theme.

You can find all these playlists under “Tiffanie DeBartolo” on Elephant Journal, or by following Bright Antenna on Spotify.

All playlists from now on will also be posted on this blog.