SxSW 2013 Bright Antenna Recap

I have to say that Beware of Darkness, Flagship, and Middle Class Rut are total SxSW heroes. On Friday, we hosted a day party at Soho Lounge and, that same night, an official showcase at Blackheart on Rainey. The bands must have been exhausted, but no one could tell. They drove the crowd crazy at both shows. Because they’re heroes.

It’s so amazing for us to see how Middle Class Rut’s fan base has grown over the past few years. Every time we go to SxSW, the crowd gets bigger and rowdier. I do believe they ignited the first mosh pit a SxSW day party has ever seen on Friday at Soho Lounge.

Beware of Darkness and Flagship were at South-By for the first time, and they blew some minds with their performances. And, of course, the super cute Flagship boys went around patting BA stickers on girls’ butts. Because what else do you do after your set, right?

You can check out some videos of the bands’ performances and photos from the BA team members on our Facebook page!


We don’t know what happened to Kyle’s shirt, but Cielle and I weren’t complaining.

None of the BA crew had ever been to Blackheart, and I’m pretty sure we all have a new favorite bar in Austin! It’s on Rainey Street and looks like a house from the outside. Cielle and I were running a tad late (as we are sometimes wont to do before a BA party), and we actually passed the place before realizing that, yes, the buff man outside *is* checking IDs.

By the way, don’t worry about Kid and Coconut. We wound up at the venue early after stepping out of the hotel and hopping on the fastest pedicab I have ever experienced.

We were going so fast, Cielle could barely hold the camera steady.


Besides, no party really starts until the BA ladies arrive. (I mean, we have all the merch and banners.)

I have to say that I’ve learned to expect mind-blowing, unfathomable experiences at SxSW. Even so, Thursday night was a doozy this year. Cielle, Braden, and I had to resign ourselves to the fact that, despite our badges, we weren’t getting into the shows we wanted to see unless we’d been in line since 9pm (which we hadn’t been because the BA peeps really like Tex-Mex). So we headed to the Four Seasons for a drink and some relaxing ambiance.

We were there until 3am. Partly because it’s a truly awesome bar. Partly because we spotted both Rick Springfield and Owen Wilson in the span of ten minutes.

Kudos to Cielle for chasing down and cornering Mr. Springfield near the elevators. Otherwise we never would have gotten this picture.


That’s me and Cielle. Touching Rick Springfield. Braden was totally jealous.

Nick, in the meantime, was getting familiar with the SxSW ladies. And borrowing their sunglasses.


(Sorry, ladies. He’s taken.)

It was a quick trip for us, and so packed that it passed by in a blur. When we headed home on Saturday we were sad to leave SxSW and Austin behind.


Did anyone out there stop by either of the BA parties?