Bright Antenna at Outside Lands 2013

Here at Bright Antenna Records, we’re all live-music lovers. Though we’ll travel far and wide to hear our own bands play (Tiffanie, Braden, and Ben are all in Tampa, FL this weekend to see Flagship), we are lucky enough in the San Francisco Bay Area to have great music come to us all the time.

Bay Area music festival OutsideLands is like our own personal heaven: music gods rocking out in a park that’s in our backyard! Okay, Golden Gate Park is a bit of a trek for anyone who doesn’t live in the Sunset, but to see Kurt Vile, Willie Nelson, The National, Vampire Weekend, and Paul Mc-effing-Cartney perform, a few hours searching for parking and a mile hike in boots is well worth it!


Several BA members bundled up for the SF fog and went out to enjoy the whole weekend. And we didn’t go unnoticed!

Bright Antenna CESG and fashionista Tiffanie DeBartolo was spotted by Free People and eBay and featured on their fashion blogs! Her flowing leopard print skirt and layered necklaces were a huge hit.

Tiffanie DeBartolo at Outside Lands
Tiffanie DeBartolo as featured on the Free People blog


And Cielle Taaffe‘s sneaky booze-smuggling caught the attention of Billboard Magazine. An instagram’d pic of her biking through Golden Gate Park with boyfriend/Rogue Wave drummer Pat Spurgeon was featured on their Backbeat page. Guess that floppy hat was doing more than keeping her warm, as she was able to fit her Wombats flask on top of her head! But, no helmet? Wuh-woah!

Cielle in Billboard Magazine
Cielle on the same page as Paul McCartney

You can get your own Wombats flask, for festival drinking or otherwise, right here on our website. 


Tiffanie and Cielle soaked in the sexy sounds of Vampire Weekend on Day 1.

Tiffanie and Cielle at Vampire Weekend
Tiffanie and Cielle at Lands End Stage


Scott, Tiffanie, Cielle and Pat took in a tequila breather in the VIP tent.

Scott, Tiffanie, Cielle, and Pat at OutsideLands
Scott, Tiffanie, Cielle, & Pat with margaritas

Check out more pics from OutsideLands and BA life at!

We can’t wait for our next music adventure!