Demo Submission Etiquette

So you’re in this band, you’ve recorded some demos, and you’re ready to submit them to a label. Now what? We’re glad you asked. First, be very sure that you’re ready to submit. In other words, make sure the songs and the performances are not only good enough, but great enough. Most labels (especially indies) will remember that you’ve already submitted. We keep records of these things (no pun intended) and we will judge you. (No. Just kidding. We’re nice. But.) Second, be aware of the four cardinal rules of demo submission. 1) Include 1 – 3 songs. Do not, under any circumstances, send more than your 3 best songs. … Continued

Life At BA (May 2013 Issue)

Bright Antenna Records is a busy place. Life really couldn’t get more exciting for us right now. After our SxSW adventure (which you can read all about here), Beware of Darkness immediately hopped on a flight to the UK; Flagship started prepping for their upcoming Bottle Rock show; and Middle Class Rut — well, Zack and Sean headed home for a little R&R before they head off on what will no doubt be a year or so of touring. The Wombats did not make it to SxSW this year, but they played Coachella, and to a packed house at The Fillmore here in SF in between. I think my favorite … Continued

SxSW 2013 Bright Antenna Recap

I have to say that Beware of Darkness, Flagship, and Middle Class Rut are total SxSW heroes. On Friday, we hosted a day party at Soho Lounge and, that same night, an official showcase at Blackheart on Rainey. The bands must have been exhausted, but no one could tell. They drove the crowd crazy at both shows. Because they’re heroes. It’s so amazing for us to see how Middle Class Rut’s fan base has grown over the past few years. Every time we go to SxSW, the crowd gets bigger and rowdier. I do believe they ignited the first mosh pit a SxSW day party has ever seen on Friday … Continued