Bright Antenna

A Record Label in the San Francisco Bay Area

Bright Antenna is a record label in the San Francisco Bay Area. We started out by saying, “Let’s put out an EP and a 7″ vinyl and see what happens.” That ended up being The Wombats’ self-titled debut EP, and “Please,” a 7” by Paul Hartnoll from Orbital with Robert Smith from The Cure on vocals. The Wombats have since stormed the world, and these two releases set the tone for where Bright Antenna was headed.

Since those humble beginnings, we’ve signed artists to worldwide multi-album deals, and released records that have made their way onto the Billboard Music Charts. Our artists have enjoyed worldwide tours with major global festival appearances, appeared on late night TV shows like Jay Leno, Conan, and Jimmy Kimmel, and had their music licensed all over the film, television, and game worlds (T-Mobile, Victoria’s Secret, Gossip Girl, the Olympics, and Need for Speed, to name a few).

We reintroduced the ground breaking, influential electronic act Orchestral Maneouvers in the Dark (OMD) to the US with a new album and sold-out shows across the country that included exclusive VIP packages. And for chart watchers, Bright Antenna took The Wombats’ “Jump Into The Fog” to number one on Sirius/XM’s ALT Nation and Top 15 nationally, and turned the heavier rock melodies of Middle Class Rut into a Top 5 Alternative smash with “New Low.” Beware of Darkness followed in these successful footsteps with their breakthrough single, “Howl,” and alternative hit, “All Who Remain.” Flagship debuted their sweeping sonic landscapes in 2013 with their self-titled LP. And most recently the world had the pleasure of meeting our newest edition, Cheerleader, with their debut single, “Perfect Vision,” off of their album The Sunshine of Your Youth, due out early 2015.

Basically, Bright Antenna is where you’ll find your next favorite band.



Chief Executive Super Goddess

The philosopher and visionary of the label, Tiffanie is also the author of two novels and one screenplay (God-Shaped Hole, How To Kill a Rock Star, and Dream For An Insomniac, respectively). In her spare time she is a poet, chef, pole dancer, baker, runner, hiker, biker, sister, friend, lover, dreamer, and fashion icon. U2 has been her favorite band for three decades, and she swears that everything she knows about life, love, faith, and hope she learned from Bono.


Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer, Resident Jedi Knight

Scott can ride a mountain bike downhill faster than anyone else at Bright Antenna. He is also a human GPS; seriously, he has gotten lost once in his whole life. He pops his elbow like other people crack their knuckles, he has eaten a worm, a grasshopper, and a scorpion, and rumor has it he’s carrying on a torrid affair with the Chief Executive Super Goddess.


Partner, President, and A&R Kahuna

Braden produced and managed The Killers and worked with just about every major label that’s left. Braden states, “When I met the CESG and found out she could almost beat me at Rock ‘n’ Roll Jeopardy, I knew I had to make BA my home.” Braden grows his own kefir, has a penchant for red-eye flights, vintage YSL ties, and the state of Maine. He makes a mean margarita, but his best skill is arguably his ability to spot a hit single from seven hundred and fifty thousand miles away.


Partner and Financial Advisor

Ben is the guy who tries to make sure the rest at Bright Antenna don’t make stupid money decisions. He is Bright Antenna’s token Jew (his words, not ours), and at 6’3” claims to be the “tallest” member of the BA team. He hates forks with three prongs, can eat a bag of Soft Batch bookies in one sitting, and he regularly shaves his balls. When Ben grows up he wants to be a Beastie Boy.


Executive Assistant to the CESG & Jedi

On any given day Cielle’s title can be interchanged with Travel Agent, Party Planner, Tour Manager, Graphic Designer, Accountant, Interior Decorator, Personal Shopper, Gladiator, Court Jester, Gossip Columnist, and Professional Drinker. She performs all these tasks with grace and ease, and in heels no less.


Product Coordinator

Harris grew up in the somewhere between Georgia and Alabama but moved to Southern California during college. His flee from the south led him to playing in bands and touring the world as a bassist for several solo artist. He likes igloos, cats, and anything that has to do with Archers of Loaf.