“We believe music is a necessity, not a pastime.”

Bright Antenna is a record label in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are home to a diverse family of artists with one thing in common, they all believe in the power of music to make the world a better place.


So you’re in this band, you’ve recorded some demos, and you’re ready to submit them to a label. Now what? We’re glad you asked. First, be very sure that you’re ready to submit. In other words, make sure the songs and the performances are not only good enough, but great enough. Most labels (especially indies) will remember that you’ve already submitted. We keep records of these things (no pun intended) and we will judge you. (No. Just kidding. We’re nice. But.) Second, be aware of the four cardinal rules of demo submission. 1) Include 1 – 3 songs. Do not, under any circumstances, send more than your 3 best songs. … Continued

Today’s topic of discussion: social media. I recently had a debate with a gentleman who thinks social media is the downfall of society and who, upon discovering that I participate in it, said, “Isn’t Facebook beneath you?” First of all, I’m one generation removed from the wrong side of the tracks and that means nothing is beneath me (except Scott Schumaker on occasion. Ha ha.). Second, above all other titles I bestow upon myself, I am first and foremost an artist. And, in my humble opinion, one of the responsibilities of the artist is to be a part of the culture, to immerse themselves in the culture, to experience the culture and … Continued

Here at Bright Antenna Records, we’re all live-music lovers. Though we’ll travel far and wide to hear our own bands play (Tiffanie, Braden, and Ben are all in Tampa, FL this weekend to see Flagship), we are lucky enough in the San Francisco Bay Area to have great music come to us all the time. Bay Area music festival OutsideLands is like our own personal heaven: music gods rocking out in a park that’s in our backyard! Okay, Golden Gate Park is a bit of a trek for anyone who doesn’t live in the Sunset, but to see Kurt Vile, Willie Nelson, The National, Vampire Weekend, and Paul Mc-effing-Cartney perform, … Continued

When Gwyneth Paltrow challenged the ladies of Bright Antenna to go a whole week without wearing jeans, we rose to the task. As a record label, jeans are obviously a staple of our daily wardrobe. Our CESG owns over 40 pairs alone (insert eye roll here). But we pride ourselves on our impeccably chic and edgy style, and we rock skirts and dresses just as well as we rock our denim. In other words, we just used Gwyneth’s suggestion as an excuse to bare our legs. I should clarify: it’s not like Gwynnie actually called us personally and said, “I dare you to not wear jeans for a week.” But … Continued